About Hakoya Tsunekichi


Osaka of the Meiji era
Osaka Basyo in the Meiji period

Hako-ya Tsunekichi

Was established in 1868 by Tsunekichi Sasai as an artisan box store, making specialty food boxes for renowned Japanese restaurants like Tsuru-tei, Kitcho, Kagai-ro, bento boxes for the special seats at the Osaka sumo hall, and the historic performance hall in Kyoto. We incorporated a rounded corner on the boxes to enhance elegance in the design.

The Lunch Box in the first generation.

The idea of binding the two layers of the bento box using the bark of the Japanese Rattan and the kuromoji tree is a method unique to Tsunekichi, coming from the age when elastic bands did not exist. 


Company History

– in 1868 –
Sasai Tsunekichi founded “Hakotsune” in Edobori, Osaka.
The second generation Sasai Entarou
The third generation Sasai Kunizaburo

– in 1967 –
The fourth generation Sasai Takashi.
The factory relocated to Abeno-ku, Osaka.

– in 2007 –
The fifth generation Sasai Masao.
Relocated to Tatsuminaka, Ikuno-ku, Osaka. Reorganized as a corporation.
Established Iga Ueno Factory.

– in 2010 –
Centralized to Shibukawa Plant, Higashi Osaka.

– in 2018 –
Tsunekichi Co., Ltd. established as a private brand.

Hakoya Tsunekichi Co., Ltd.

Address: 1-4-21 Andojimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 5420061 JAPAN
Representative Director: Sasai Eri