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The lunch box made of cedar

The rice is milled, cooked in an iron pot (for boiling rice) and transferred to a “Ohitsu”. Then wash with a scrub brush which made from hemp palms using the rice bran of when the rice was milled.
It’s a scene that used to take place in the old days. Tsunekichi consistently proposes such a lifestyle to live with nature, from products manufacturing to maintenance.

Cooled rice that’s tasty

Back in the age when refrigerators did not exist, people used to store cooked rice in what is called ohitsu, a rice bucket made of wood. The ohitsu absorbs an adequate amount of moisture out of the rice, and when the rice becomes too dry, it breathes the moisture back in. Its antiseptic qualities, and its ability to retain humidity keeps the rice from becoming too soft or too hard in the winter. The tsunekichi bento box is made with the same quality as the ohitsu, making it possible to enjoy your lunch at your office, outdoors, or any place of convenience. 

Tsunekichi's lunch box
The use sample of Tsunekichi Lunch Box

Adding grace to your lifestyle

Tsunekichi bento boxes are not just made to store the traditional obento with rice, grilled salmon and pickled plums. The moisture absorbing nature of the wood allows to store a variety of foods, like sandwiches. It can be used to serve wagashi (traditional Japanese treats, often served with tea) to your guests, or even storing your precious jewelries. You can let it match your own lifestyle in various ways. 

You can use Tsunekichi Lunch box for various ways.

New form of wooden box

We value producing that makes you feel the warmth of wood, the more you use it, the more you become attached to it, and the more you want to continue using it.

Tsuneyoshi's unique wood products

Fusion of natural materials

A collaboration between Hako-ya Tsunekichi which is particular about innocent and natural materials, and Tochigi Leather which is the only vegetable tanned leather maker in Japan. Both materials are carefully put together by the craftsmen, and the more it is used the more it acquires a unique character of its own.

Collaboration bag of cedar wood material and Tochigi leather
Wooden bag of rounded shape