Useful for the coming season! TSUNEKICHI Lunch box fair held at Hankyu Hakata store

[May 8th(Wed)14th(Tue),2019]Venue: Hankyu Hakata store.
In the coming season, TSUNEKICHIs unpainted lunch box will be useful for making a lunch box. The antibacterial effect of cedar makes it difficult to damage rice. In addition, breathable with the cedar, and moderately absorb the rice water, delicious even cold. There is no doubt that your O’bento life will be fun if you have one. Why don’t you use the TSUNEKICHI lunch box?

We stocked items such as bags and aroma mists suitable for Mother’s Day gifts. The Tsuneyoshi Original Natural Aroma Mist Series is available in three varieties: “Cedar”,”Camphor”,” and “Cypress.” How about giving a healing tree fragrance with a feeling of thanks.
We look forward to your visit.