Let’s go out with a lunch box!TSUNEKICHI lunch box fair held at Hankyu Senri store

[April 10th(Wed)~16th(Tue), 2019] Venue: Hankyu Senri store.
Why don’t you take a picnic to the mountains, to the forest, to the park, with a lunch box? When you open the lid of a beautiful lunch box with a wood grain, you can soak in the feeling of happiness from the white rice and the fragrant scent of cedar.
At Hankyu Senri Branch 3rd floor, we had a selection of lunch boxes recommended for spring’s new life.
In particular, it is also often a new life is the start or the like your entry, your job is from April. In the lineup designed to be used in a variety of gift scene, you can choose the appropriate lunch box. If you have a Japanese cedar lunch box, your usual lunch time will change dramatically. In unpainted finish hippest cedar characteristics to the maximum, which is said to have a good aroma and breathable, cold was even more delicious rice, items perfect for the characteristics tourist season, such as an antiseptic effect. By all means at this opportunity, and the original of warmth with the cedar, please enjoy the change of texture.
We look forward to your visit.